Friday, 1 June 2012

tell us, what do all these traces give me ?

I am getting some solid information on the relevant triggers for each separate company that have given 11.5% increases over 5 days.

oasis can now take the formulae giving more than an 85% average increase relative to the maximum percentage, and greater than 11.5% on every individual date, for a specific company and if triggered again today, twitter the results under the banner 'exchange_trace', that is for the London LSE it will be 'LSE_trace', NYSE will be 'NYSE_trace', and 'NASDAQ_trace' for the... NASDAQ.

Also the auto tweet system only tweets the top 5 most relevant companies each 'auto-tweet' - if you are interested in the full listing per day then email me.

twitter feed is:!/spacecadet99999

I am in the process of adding FX exchange, and also continuing work on Candlestick patterns, and RNS analysis (I have now 167 days worth of RNS company reporting data)

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