Tuesday, 29 November 2011

IAP JRS STAN on psar on rsi on beta4 on oasis

getting more companies to monitor and also the following three just flipped for the psar on the rsi




decided to call my system oasis

Friday, 25 November 2011


to recap, to the right is the listing for beta4, we are waiting for the last column to turn from 'd' to 'u' (this is the psar on rsi) - we had a 10% rise for FUM and we have our next candidate


falling into place - L2


to the right is a view of the current companies highlighted via my beta4 analysis for today

so that you can see what companies are listed, here they are:


this is a listing by date and some companies are listed on consecutive days, this seems to be a good indicator of an uptrend starting but we are waiting for the last column in the report to change to 'u' from 'd' - the last one that did this as you can see is FUM, and also you can see that we reached 10% on FUM in the first 5 days

there are two issues that I have been trying to resolve - the first is to weed out the beta4 that are not attaining 11.5% (this is 30% of the companies that are highlighted on average), and the second, the ones that are highlighted, when and at what price should it be bought and then at what price should it be sold

these really amount to the same question, as is evident in the numbers on the report that the company share price _will_ go above the share price at the point of highlighting (at least this has been indicated 100% of the time at the moment for beta4), the question is by how much and when.

the one question then is - when do I buy and at what price, and when do I sell and at what price

it cannot be the simplistic 11.5% that we have been working with because this arbitrarily can increase losses and decrease gains - we have to be smarter than this

one cleverness comes in the form of Quotestream L2 (Level 2)

for 20/month I have mine from iii and am working through understanding what this can and cannot do - a really big thank you to Cat7 on the LSE Shares bb and the fantasy games for pointing me in this direction - Cat7 commented on this blog here and I am working through all of the other comments made as well

but from the little experience I have with L2 now it seems that this is an indicator of buys and sells, how many and at what price, and looking at the Market Depth screen one can gauge what to do when - if you go to the LSE fantasy games you will see how effective this strategy can be

searching youtube for Level 2 tutorials gives many results( here and here as examples) , but all start with one already having picked a stock to L2 and quoting SoulOfWigan on the LSE games

'My advice is to look at the new RNS and keep your eye on the new hot chat on the left of the LSE page. I hope this helps folks'

the RNS link for LSE/AIM is here - again quoted from the games forum

one really needs to see what Cat7 and SoulOfWigan (SoW) are capable of with 10k in one month - round 5 is 2m (yes 2 million) and is the highest, but on average the top each month is about 100k - and also the premise being that what is learned in the fantasy games can be directly related to real life

without Cat7's or SoW's experience, and until I get anything close, what can I do

I am watching the companies highlighted on my beta analysis (I have 6 betas at the moment, and am working on 32 alphas all in varying degrees of success, the majority of alphas fail spectacularly - would be great if I was shorting ) and linking the analysis with L2 and checking performance

I feel as if I am one step closer

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

psar on rsi on beta4


Quite a few companies highlighted - what we are waiting for here is that the most recent companies change the last column from 'd' to 'u'

this last column is the psar on the rsi (I have noticed that this is a good indicator of an uptrend start, after all the other beta4 analysis has completed)

from what we can see then is that currently we are into FUM, with quite a few others on the watch list

the numbers in the columns are for 5 days, 10 days, 15 days and 30 day highs as a percentage - these will not exist for companies highlighted yesterday

so.. HOIL was highlighted yesterday, and with the rest of the companies I am monitoring the others (such as FSV, HSL, etc)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

busy busy busy

was worried about SGP for a moment there but have seen a 12.2% gain from our standing start (the price decreased quite rapidly from when the company was highlighted on beta4, but gained over 20% over the last 2 days)

each day I am refining and adding to my betas - it really is not easy - to help I have added to the output analysis listings of % growth over 5, 10, 15 and 30 days - this gives an indication of how well the betas play - from the figures and screen shot to the right we can see that beta4 is not bad at all over 'up to 30 days' - as an example for the month of Oct we would have attained a 67% success rate obtaining greater than 11.5% gain, with the remaining 5 (out of 15) still averaging about 5% gain

from the screen shot we can see that UMC hit 11.5% within the first 10 days of being indicated and that ALL seems to on the list at the moment - watching ALL closely at the moment

so currently for the companies that have been highlighted previously - 7 successes, 5 waiting:

14 Oct 2011 HLCL 195.7 218 201
13 Oct 2011 JPR 4.25 4.7 4.95 17-Oct 2011
13 Oct 2011 SGP 688 767 779.5 9-Nov 2011
12 Oct 2011 COST 209 233 210
7 Oct 2011 PHNX 475 529 527.5 almost 11.5% on 17 Oct 2011
6 Oct 2011 UKC 34.25 38.2 39 7-Oct 2011
29 Sep 2011 JPB 81 90 89 3-Nov-2011
28 Sep 2011 NWS 85 94.7 95 20-Oct 2011
28 Sep 2011 MWA 4.5 5 4.74
20 Sep 2011 BOY 268 298 279 303 28-OCT-2011
19 Sep 2011 SMDR 206 229 214
19 Sep 2011 WSH 249 278 250