Thursday, 28 March 2013


Of note, whilst we are waiting for ORE and HALO, are some current risers tweeted either yesterday or the day before:

SLG 41% today
VPHA 14% today
URA 12% today

One aspect to note from the SLG tweet is that the volume was 101 times the 3 monthly average volume, and currently today LSE is reporting 25m sells and 6m buys, with a 15% spread.

Friday, 15 March 2013




As you can see HALO's chart looks similar to ORE's and was also tweeted today, but with average 115.9% increase with a 7.41% spread at a current price of 27.5 and a fair cap of 7.5m GBP.

Meaning over the next 5 days we should see the price go to about 59.4, but our 11.5 % + 7.41% spread should take us to 32.7.



As an indicator of what I have found to be a prediction of something going on lets make a prediction here. ORE.

ORE came up on the Tweet yesterday for triggering today. The tweet reads:


and currently there are sells of 2,235,040, and only sells (at least that is what LSE is reporting, L2 shows about 50% of these are buys),  with the price holding at 0.41 with a spread of 2.5% and is a fair size at 8.8m GBP cap.

what oasis is saying is that over the next 5 days ORE should reach 0.41 plus 47.1% (on average) giving  0.60, but as I am only looking for 11.5% I am looking for 0.47 (0.41 * (11.5% required + 2.5% spread)).

Lets play.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Would like to highlight NEOS which came up on oasis Twitter feed on 22nd Feb with a closing price of 0.105, it is currently 0.71 with an increase today of 389%.

Watching the other companies coming in on target too, although the 5 day rise is actually currently running at about 10 days, but each day at least one comes in that has been highlighted, as well as NEOS we have ARC up 16.7% just today.

I am working on the some more statistics on the rises and also tying in the success coefficients to the spread.

The Twitter feed link is in the heading of this blog, just above.