Friday, 15 March 2013


As an indicator of what I have found to be a prediction of something going on lets make a prediction here. ORE.

ORE came up on the Tweet yesterday for triggering today. The tweet reads:


and currently there are sells of 2,235,040, and only sells (at least that is what LSE is reporting, L2 shows about 50% of these are buys),  with the price holding at 0.41 with a spread of 2.5% and is a fair size at 8.8m GBP cap.

what oasis is saying is that over the next 5 days ORE should reach 0.41 plus 47.1% (on average) giving  0.60, but as I am only looking for 11.5% I am looking for 0.47 (0.41 * (11.5% required + 2.5% spread)).

Lets play.

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