Sunday, 24 June 2012

initial Candlestick analysis

Below is a section of the report of my initial analysis of the Candlestick processing. Currently the report only includes elemental and relational aspect of Candlesticks - the inclusion of the trend, or in fact any aspect to the usual indicators such as rsi, adx, vi or stochastics, etc is being analysed at the moment.

The columns are - LSE company (my tests are being carried out on the London exchange LSE, I will be adding NYSE and NASDAQ very shortly), code combinations of elements and relationals, number of time this has occurred in the last 5 years with a subsequent 5 day rise of over 11.5%, and the number of times in total this combination has occurred for this company.

The report is sorted by the relationship between number of times triggered and producing an 11.5% increase, and the total number of times triggered


T27  uuuE004F004G004R018S018  5 5
SIE  uuuE002F002G002R008S006  4 4
SIE    uuuE002F002G002R008S008  4 4
SAUS uduE002F002G002R014S008  4 4
SER   uuuE004F004G001R017S017  4 4
AAZ    uuuE004F004G004R012S012  3 3
H50E   duuE002F002G002R008S001  3 3
RUKS uddE003F002G002R014S002  3 3
BOR uduE003F003G003R013S013  3 3
TDK uuuE002F002G002R014S014  3 3
OPG uuuE003F002G003R013S001  3 3
T17   uuuE004F004G004R018S019  3 3
SIE    uuuE002F002G002R013S014  3 3
T17   uuuE004F004G004R019S018  3 3
XEL  uuuE002F002G002R013S013  3 3
SAUS  uddE002F002G002R013S009  3 3
BEM uuuE002F004G004R012S012  3 3
FRR  dddE002F002G002R014S009 3 3
EME uudE003F002G003R013S013  2 2
SAUS  uuuE004F003G003R001S002  2 2
SER  uuuE004F001G004R017S017  2 2
AFC  dddE002F002G007R002S021 2 2
COP uudE004F004G004R017S019  2 2
EME uuuE003F004G004R012S003  2 2
CAZA  uuuE003F003G002R001S002  2 2
RICI  uudE003F003G006R001S014  2 2


So lets take the first sensible line - SIE and 'uuuE002F002G002R008S006'

(T27, even though we get daily data downloaded from the LSE, T27 is neither listed in LSE Shares or on Google Finance, so do not really know what this is)

I believe the Candlestick code combinations like 'uuuE002F002G002R008S006', or part thereof, have been noticed and have been given names - if we delve a little deeper, we notice patterns emerging from the SIE record, for example for SIE, all the combinations for the above report section all start with 'uuuE002F002G002' and the pattern changes only after the R code - you can probably guess what each 3 letter code means, but what will be less obvious is how each 3 letter code relates to the Candlestick formulae.

What I can say at this point is that the codes for each company are now being analysed Candlestick wise and compared with the current day codes, any that follow the rule greater than 90% of the time will be tweeted.

Also, there are two other aspects to the work on Candlesticks that have spawned separate analysis
1. Not only has this analysis given the 11.5% risers, but also the codes to follow for each company with respect to decliners - ie analysis on sells
2. A serious and complex link into the traces that are happening at the moment - Candlesticks can be thought of as another indicator, rather than a separate entity

I think I'll call 'uuuE002F002G002'... 'two thumbs'

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