Thursday, 7 June 2012

EMIS, BVC, BDEV, AMER and something called AUP3

The above triggered today, AMER is third day running but as we know we have already had a 28% increase on the first day so interesting to know what happens tomorrow, now watching EMIS, BVC and BDEV. AUP3 is a peculiar one and is 'ETFS FOREIGN EXCHANGE LIMITED ETFS 3X LONG AUD SHORT GBP' - does this mean anything to anyone ? cos by all accounts it should go up in the next 5 days by 11.5%.

Not sure you have noticed but the trace calculations for all exchanges is carrying on 24 hours a day, one company about every 2 hours, 3 exchanges in parallel, and I am only up to about the A's on LSE, NYSE and B's on the NASDAQ. At the start I had been testing by tracing random companies and so the reason why we are getting companies starting with different letters for the LSE. It also seems that the traced companies for the NYSE and NASDAQ have not hit any companies that trigger on the specific day as yet (last three days). I am hoping this changes as more companies are traced, in fact I am quite surprised at the number being returned by the LSE traces, the auto tweets tweet the top 5 results for LSE_trace; today oasis returned 7, the missing ones being OPTS (again) and IPO (again), these repeats seem also to be interesting and I am keeping a close watch on them. We almost have a full set of companies from all exchanges that have been traced and start with 'A'... at least its a start, and trading only companies that start with 'A's seems just as limiting as trading only oilies, or minies.
Also, for information, the number of trace records currently for LSE after 451 companies is 24,069,113; this is about a fifth of the way through LSE. I am expecting a similar total number for NYSE and NASDAQ; NYSE currently stands at 1,055,174 records for 59 companies traced and for the NASDAQ, 700,837 records for 111 companies traced.

Also, by my calculations the complete trace for the three exchanges is going to take about 4 months to complete running 24 hours a day on my system, and my system is not small. Anyone with a Exadata or similar want to share resources ?

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