Saturday, 3 September 2011

system sample

this is what the alpha development system looks like, run for alpha 11 on Sept 3 2011:

the first 2 input fields are the name and reporting start date

the next section is the sql statement to be run against the database and is sectioned into separate lines for ease of reading and use - the where clause is the one that takes the most development.
it is the where clause that governs the companies that are returned.
this whole statement is linked to the field marked sql: just below the word success, this field would contain the whole statement run against the database as the database would see it, this aids debug - the success word is there to indicate that the report completed successfully

the reset function resets all the fields to default values

and then we get to the output data

the first column is the company with a link to the LSE page for that company (London South East)

the second column is the date of the buy signal with a direct link to the charts for the company on the LSE site

the third column is the date reference

the forth column (A) links directly to the underlying data in the system for the company

the fifth column (G) is the system graphs, examples posted later

the sixth column is the close price for the particular day

the colons are place holders for other information that can be added if needed

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