Friday, 9 September 2011

balancing an elephant on the edge of a razor blade

alpha16 is a strange one - it seems to highlight specific months and especially Aug 2011 and right now, and what is more important is that the trend post buy signal is pretty much always in the up direction with a clear indication on the psar of the rsi of the close.
the reason that this seems to be period dependent could be that this alpha may be following a greater trend.

alpha16 is approximately:
report all companies that are for volume shares, the stochastic on vi is 100 and the stochastic on the macd is 0, the psar trigger on the rsi on the close must be d to u, the stochastic of the psar of close must be 0, there must have been a stochastic equal to 0 over the last 7 days and the close rsi must be less than 20 over the last 7 days.

the relationship between the days, the indicators and the analysis is vital.

the admin page and an example company CTY is included to the right

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