Tuesday, 29 January 2013


The one aspect of all of this Stockpicking that has been a little harder to fathom out is the actual trading process.

What I have learnt is that the prices quoted are not really the actual prices, the share price is just a number, usually between two numbers that are the buyer and seller prices - the difference between these two figures is called the Spread and needs to be noted when actually trading. As an example we can see BRNS in the Dec 2012 Tweets; last time I looked this company had a spread of 2000%, it is currently 900%; I believe that the highs and lows reported are people either buying or selling respectively and so any increase in the share price is mute in consideration to the Spread.

The only thing we can do is our best with the figures supplied.

What I can say is that for every BRNS there is a JMCS which has in real terms doubled its share price over the last two days. JMCS was tweeted on the 23rd Jan 2013 with an opening price on the 24th Jan 2013 of 1.16p. It is currently at 10.5 with a 33% spread (9p and 12p)

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