Friday, 4 May 2012

we have lots of news

The RNS (regulatory news service) analysis has proven more useful than originally thought. oasis can now analyse companies that are within a month of publishing, have just published and post publish. The interesting analysis here is that the 14% of risers above 11.5%, half of these (7% of total) are greater than a 20% rise.  It is worth following the RNS's as part of an LSE trading method.

I have a couple of RNS related alphas that are proving useful and will continue to formulate to produce a beta.

At the same time I am running extensive real life testing on new betas within the LSE (London) share site here:

And searching for share gaming sites to run tests for the US betas.

My real life dealing of the tweeted betas, I am happy to say, are proving themselves.

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