Friday, 4 May 2012

lets see some charts in detail

I have created an HD flickr photo library so that I can upload detailed screen shots of the charts I use and you can have a look. I have uploaded CWC, TCG and MXP  - charts people have requested.

The charts can be found here:

Please choose the chart you are interested in, and then choose it again, then pick 'view all sizes' and choose 'original' - the chart will be about 5mb.

If we look at the MXP chart, straight away from the first graph we see that the psars quite closely follow the rises and falls of the share price close (in black). psc is psar on close, pso is psar on the open price.

As a help, mc is macd, st means stochastic, bb is bollinger, rsi is rsi, etc.
o, l, c, h at the end means on open, low, close, high.
So strsic means stochastic on rsi on the close price,
And stpsvi is the stochastic on the psar on the vi - its just vi, there is no concept of open or close here.

For the alpha and then the beta formulae I go through each graph and try to figure out what is being indicated and when with respect to risers.

Please note that these graphs are very date dependent, I have noted the date on the upload.

If there is a company that you would like to see, please comment and I will load.

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