Friday, 20 April 2012

LSE - prior RNS analysis

oasis is now uploading the companies that have an imminent RNS (notification of company news)

and we can now report on these companies to see how they have been performing during the last month, just prior to their RNS

this is the first report below and shows closing price, and then percentages increases for the subsequent 5, 10, 15 and 30 days sorted by company and date (each day from a month ago to the present day)

for the random company selection in the first report below, of interest is MIN, with the actual oasis analysis graphs in the next screen shot - we can see that a month ago prior to RNS we have seen a steady price increase with a resultant 138% increase in price over the last month (30 days)

but MIN is exceptional, out of a random selection of 100 companies that are going to publish an RNS in the next month, only 14 have increased in value more than 11.5% - more typical price rises are shown in the last screen shot with MNZS, although this report also contains a nice riser in MNGS

but this analysis contains only prior RNS information

over the next month oasis will be gathering companies that have published an RNS and we can then accurately analyse prior, publish date and post RNS information

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